Alberta Wages Up Y/Y, Down M/M in September

Alberta still had the highest weekly average earnings among the provinces at $1,042.77 according to Statistics Canada’s September 2011 report. Year over year, average earnings in Alberta had increased 3.8%, but decreased 0.1% from the previous month.

Canada-wide, the figures weren’t very positive with wage increases actually falling behind the inflation rate meaning that in real terms wages are actually dropping. On a year-over-year basis, average weekly earnings rose 1.1%, the smallest increase since November 2009. While average hours worked per week can influence growth in year-over-year earnings, the average work week was unchanged in the 12 months to September at 33.0 hours

Year-over-year change in average weekly earnings by province, September 2010 to September 2011 Source: Statistics Canada

Source: Statistics Canada (Click to enlarge image)

One response to “Alberta Wages Up Y/Y, Down M/M in September

  1. the health of the canadian financial health is hard to ascertain without hours worked, and food and energy prices being non core – it is play by numbers game. once interest rates rise, we are cooked. Like the rest of the world exept for the 1 percenters, they can always extract more by many means

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