Court Ordered Sales Flood Airdrie Condo Market

Forty-three (43) percent of condos currently for sale in Airdrie on MLS®  are Court Ordered sales. Sensationalism aside, it’s all because of a single condo project.

41 units in Crown Shores (700 WILLOWBROOK RD NW) have been listed by the Court of Queen’s Bench: click to view

The CPI Crown Property property is situated on the south side of Airdrie Rd. (Highway # 567) on the west side of the CP Railway and east of Nose Creek.

According to their site, it was to be a 512 unit project with the first phase beginning in spring/summer 2006.  Phase I was completed with possession being issued in 2009. 

What Condo Shores was to look like when all phases completed Source: Condo Living

From their December 2010 Newsletter:

Phase I of Crown Shores was previously sold out. We are having difficulty in closing approximately 50 units. Some people are unable to close as they have lost their jobs, cannot qualify for mortgages, are going through divorce, are transferred out of the province, or simply have changed their mind as property values have dropped. We are heavily into marketing at this point in time, sending 30,000  brochures via the post office in Airdrie and surrounding areas, email promotion, Google ads, as well as a write up in the Condo Guide. We anticipate a sell-out early next year. As many of you are
aware, court action has been required to facilitate closings of prior sales. This is due to illegal liens that have been placed on title.

This project was built during the most adverse times. When sales of Phase I took place, they were made at market prices at the time, which were low.  Subsequently, we entered a period of construction cost inflation which we had to absorb.  There have been many delays caused by many factors, most of which were beyond our control.

Just a heads up for those following the Airdrie market and wondering why the condo listings spiked this month.

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2 responses to “Court Ordered Sales Flood Airdrie Condo Market

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  2. Here is a funny contradiction by Mr. Nicholas Kazakoff…

    He quotes in his December 2011 CPI Newsletter, “Phase I of Crown Shores was previously sold out. We had been experiencing difficulty in closing approximately 40 units” However, now that the economy has turned around, a large number of offers were presented and accepted and we anticipate a sell-out within the next few weeks”.

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