Request for help: Family in need of rental home in Chestermere

Last week, a Chestermere family suffered a tragedy, losing a child and their home to fire. The family is now looking for a home to rent so the children, currently in hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, can return to school as soon as possible. CREB® Charitable Foundation is working to provide financial aid to the family. One of our CREB® members, Corinne Watson, is helping to find the family a home to rent.

If you have a listing or know of a property in Chestermere, please contact Corinne Watson by email.  The family requires a single story, fully-furnished home and is a family of four with one large dog and two cats.

If you wish to support the family by making a monetary donation, please contact CREB® Charitable Foundation at 403.218.3686.

2 responses to “Request for help: Family in need of rental home in Chestermere

  1. Update: the family has secured a rental

    We want to thank so many people,” says Phyllis, a woman with sparkling eyes and a winsome smile.

    “So many people have been holding us up, helping us to keep it together.”

    Thanks to the outpouring of donations, from gift cards and cash to clothing, furniture and services — along with countless heartfelt expressions of sympathy — the couple has seen first-hand just how giving others can be in the face of such unimaginable loss.

    “When it first happened, we wondered how we were going to do this,” says Phyllis.

    “But then so many people, including ones we’ve barely met or didn’t even know, offered help.”

    “I don’t have the words,” says Darren of his overwhelming gratitude. “But I guess ‘Thank you’ says it all. I hope it does.”

    Read more:

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