Landlords: Is Your Rental Property A Grow-Op?

Police have busted 9 grow-ops in the Calgary area and seized more than $17 million worth of marijuana, officials said today.  2 of the grow-ops were in Okotoks, 1 in Strathmore and the rest were in Calgary (Autumn Grove, Braeside, Deer Run, Douglasdale, Marlborough, Temple and Woodbine)

The real victims of these grow ops are the landlords of the buildings that are involved in these crimes. Rental agreements were filled out with fraudulent information including fake names and counterfeit identification.  Some of the homes were rented by people posing as legitimate families, some even with children or seniors. Once the rental was secured, the property would be converted into a grow operation.

According to CTV:

To make matters worse, insurance companies will not cover damages to a unit caused by these crimes. The cost of repairs is the sole responsibility of the owners. Homeowners could also risk losing their property altogether if the property is seized as the proceeds of crime.

To protect themselves, landlords are urged to:

  • Request references and contact those references.
  • Confirm and record information on the identification provided by the prospective renter.
  • Conduct frequent inspections of the property as per the Landlord Tenant Act. (Mike’s note:  In Alberta, it’s called the Residential Tenancies Act)
  • Request a security clearance or criminal record check from potential renters. The request alone may dissuade criminals from choosing your home. Security clearances can be obtained through any police agency for a minimal cost

From the ALERT website:

Tips for landlords

  • obtain a credit history, photo identification, and check all references of potential tenants;
  • interview all prospective tenants or renters;
  • check your property regularly (a marijuana crop can take two to three months to grow); and
  • ensure you have a detailed rental agreement and that your renters are actually living in or using the premises.
You can view Health Inspection Orders for Illegal Drug Operations here
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Additional Information on Grow-Ops

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