Question Box: What are HOA fees?

HOA stands for “Home Owner’s Association.” 

HOA’s are compulsory organizations created by a developer to manage and maintain certain amenties of a development that the City will not accept responsibility to maintain such as entrance signage, ornamental parks and ponds, boulevard landscaping, etc.

Do I have to pay these fees?

Yes – membership is compulsory

How do I know if a property has these HOA fees?

The requirement to pay an annual fee is actually registered on the Land Title Certificate.  Your REALTOR should pull the title before going ahead and writing any offer on property.

For example, it might look like this on the Land Title:

Registration Number   Date  (D/M/Y)       Particulars

555 555 555          01/01/2000           ENCUMBRANCE
                                                                          ENCUMBRANCE – Community Name
                                                                          Address of Community Association
                                                                          Calgary, Alberta


Once you have the registration number of the Encumbrance or Caveat, you can then pull that document and read the actual encumbrance which details the amount, date of payment, and all that it encompasses.

Some common ranges are $50 – 200 annually, but this varies by community, with some not having any HOA fees.

7 responses to “Question Box: What are HOA fees?

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  3. I live in the area called rocky ridge and would like to contact some one in the organization – President or Secretary or a Board member

  4. Hello Doug, you can find contact information on their community website here

  5. maurice Engler

    How does a homeowner pay the HOA fee? Is an invoice sent to the home?
    When looking at a property for purchase, how can the purchases determine is the property is in arrears with HOA payments?

    Thank you.

  6. Does this mean they can dictate what I do on my property ie landscaping, fence. colour of house change etc?

  7. Do they have to send the bill to the owner of the property by name? I throw out anything addressed to “current homeowner”

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