Buyer’s Guide: Condo “Registered Size” VS “Total Living Area”

When speaking of Conventional Condominiums, it’s important to understand that the Registered Size listed is not necessarily the amount of living area in the condo. Let’s define the terms first:

Registered Size: is the size of the condominium unit as registered through Alberta Land Titles and must be verified from the Registered Condominium Plan. This size may include areas such as parking stalls, garages, below grade areas, balconies and storage areas.

Total Living Area: only includes the above grade developed heated living area.

Have you ever walked into a condo and asked, “This is 1100 square feet? It sure doesn’t feel like it.” You may have been right. If you subtract a couple dozen square feet here and there for the balcony & storage room, and several dozen more sq ft for the space making up any parking stalls – it gobbles up your square footage fast.

I’ve noticed listings on MLS® where the Total Living Area measurement is the same as the Registered Size. You know, it might well be. Perhaps the parking, balcony, and any titled stalls were not used to calculate the Registered Size.  This is all outlined on the Condominium Plan – and it’s STRONGLY ADVISED that you have the Condo Documents professionally reviewed.

Guidelines: “When measuring the Total Living Area for a Conventional Condominium Unit, measurements are to be taken to the inside surface of the interior finishing material (wall-to-wall)…Garages, parking stalls, storage areas, balconies or below grade areas shall not be included in this size…”

4 responses to “Buyer’s Guide: Condo “Registered Size” VS “Total Living Area”

  1. Meebo Message

    The graph for average house price over the past number of years has disappeared. Is there any chance it will return?

    Mike says: I’m assuming you mean on the MLS Stats Archive page. Yes, I will put up a new chart shortly (It was just getting out of date) However, you can still see the chart on my blog post here: What will happen to Calgary prices in 2008?

  2. Carioca Canuck

    Interesting…..I kinda figured numbers were somewhat skewed with large balconies (100-150 sq. ft)…….but I never though titled parking stalls would be included…..heh.

    Mike says: Crazy, eh? Just remember to check the Condominium Plan to see what is included in the registered size (sometimes parking, balconies & storage rooms are, and sometimes they’re not)

  3. This is interested and also helpful to anyone shopping for a condo. Thanks Mike.

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