Carlisle Group – Pointe of View

Perhaps you haven’t heard too much of the condominium developer named Carlisle Group.    Their BBB file was just recently opened: 11/09/2012 and currently has no rating.

Who exactly is the Carlisle Group?

Their “about” page reads rather generically and makes no reference to Pointe of View.

Would it surprise you to know that Pointe of View is under the umbrella of the new Carlisle brand?

Calgary Herald: “Name change means new Pointe of View: Newly-named Carlisle Group to launch its first Calgary project in February” (Read article)

Why the need for this rebranding?   I have my own opinions.  And previous Pointe of View customers likely have theirs:

I looked through the Carlisle Group’s website and couldn’t find any reference to them being affiliated with Pointe of View save for the previous condo projects with “Pointe” in their name and a few email addresses.

And of course the same COO and CEO as seen in the BBB screenshot above…but again, with no mention of PoV:

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